New Events at the Comic Shop

New Comic Shop Events at Galaxy of Comics

Galaxy of Comics hosts new comic shop events on a regular basis. We invite artists, writers, and others in the industry like voice over actors and costumed avengers. We also offer game events for players looking for competition in HeroClix and Magic the Gathering. Join us every Wednesday for new comic day or for one of our monthly shop events.

Galaxy of Comics Presents the Fourth Girls Night Out:


A Night for the Geeky Girls of the San Fernando Valley

Join us for the fourth Girls Night Out! There will be delicious cake, geeky conversation, and some cool crafting. It’s a great chance to meet other girls who share your interest and talk about your favorite comics, tv shows, songs, games and movies. Plus, you’ll get a sweet gift bag full of cool stuff for your home or office cubicle. 

*Fathers are welcome with daughters, but the emphasis is on “Girls” night.

Saturday December 13th
Girls Night Out
at Galaxy of Comics

17306 Saticoy Ave Van Nuys, CA91325
7 PM to 10 PM

December 13th

HeroClix Mondays

Hosted by HCRealms, battle it out in the comic shop with 600 point Modern Age teams. Every Monday starting at 6PM

Friday Night Magic

Join us for a Friday night brawl of magical proportions. We host weekly sanctioned events of Magic the Gathering. Every Friday from 8 to midnight Check back at this space for information on upcoming sales and other promotions.