New Events at the Comic Shop

New Comic Shop Events at Galaxy of Comics

Galaxy of Comics hosts new comic shop events on a regular basis. We invite artists, writers, and others in the industry like voice over actors and costumed avengers. We also offer game events for players looking for competition in HeroClix and Magic the Gathering. Join us every Wednesday for new comic day or for one of our monthly shop events.

Galaxy of Comics Presents Free Comic Book Day 2016






Free Comic Book Day 2016 is FINALLY here! And, as usual, The Galaxy of Comics is pulling out all the stops! Festivities will begin at 6 AM! Join us for FREE COMICS, FOOD TRUCKS, SIGNINGS and our HUGE ALL DAY SALE!

* Free Comic Book Day is EXACTLY what it sounds like. Take a look at the the FREE comics available here: /

* Open from 6 AM to 8 PM so you can get all the Free Comic Book Comics you can carry EARLIER than any other store in the valley! And we’ll provide the FREE snacks!

* SIGNINGS! Featured guests include:
Len Wein (Writer/Creator of Wolverine, Swamp Thing, Colossus, Storm and many more) signing his DC Legends of Tomorrow – Time TBA
Steven T. Seagle (Batman/Superman, Uncanny X-Men, It’s a Bird) andJason Adam Katzenstein (Artist at the New Yorker) signing Camp Midnight – Time: 3 PM to 5 PM
- Tom Riordan (American Gothic Press) signing Killbox #1 – Time: 10 AM to Noon

* Cosplayers! And once again this year we have to thank Karina at Agents Of Cosplay for bringing so many great cosplayers!

* In addition, EVERYTHING in the store will be ON SALE! 25% OFF! 30% OFF! Even 50% OFF in places! And, like always, so many incredibly priced Silver and Bronze Age BACK ISSUES, you’ll need pallets to cart it all off!!! (Sorry, sale does not apply to consignment items, cards or hold bags, nor will we provide pallets….)

* AND, as always, we move part of the event outside and offering our TENS of THOUSANDS of Back Issues at 50 to 90% OFF!!!

For questions or more info about FCBD call (818) 578-8559 or email us at

Free Comic Book Day 2016 
Galaxy of Comics’ FCBD Celebration
Starts: 5/7/2016 6:00 AM

Ends: 5/7/2016 8 PM

17306 Saticoy
Van Nuys, Ca
United States

And stay tuned for our next event…

HeroClix Mondays

Hosted by HCRealms, battle it out in the comic shop with 600 point Modern Age teams. Every Monday starting at 6PM